About us

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Woodstock

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Woodstock aims to set a high standard in serving the needs of the Sikh Community in Canada, especially the community members located around Woodstock, Oxford County and South Western Regions of Ontario. Sri Guru Singh Sabha Woodstock also aims to contribute to the wider Canadian Society, by the way charitable activities and by actively engaging in the development of the Multicultural Canada, in the 21st Century. At the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Woodstock all governance is based on and in line with the high moral and ethical principles as enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and as per the rules set out in the federal and state laws as well as the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Woodstock constitution.

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Woodstock management committee is fully committed and always available for community sewa (welfare) and to address individual needs. Committee members roles, responsibilities and contact details are given below.

Amardeep Singh Director Since 2018/09/05

Darshan Singh Dhaliwal Director Since 2018/09/14

Harbhajan Singh Director Since 2018/09/14

Harjinder Singh Dhaliwal Director Since 2018/07/04

Iqbal Singh Banipal Director Since 2018/07/04

Jagjit Singh Hayre Director Since 2018/09/14

Jagpreet Cheema Director Since 2018/09/14

Narinderpal Singh Banga Director Since 2018/07/04

Sarbjit Singh Duhre Director Since 2019/02/04

Sukhwinder Singh Director Since 2018/07/04

Surinder Singh Banwait Director Since 2018/07/04